Our Members Minister Beyond These Walls

Christ International Ministries


Christ International Ministries was founded by International Evangelists Singleton and Sybil Hopkins.  Their ministry includes evangelism and teaching, church planting and building, and humanitarian outreach. They make annual trips to the continent of Africa with ongoing mission work in Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Life in the Light Bible Enrichment and Training

Life in the Life Bible Enrichment and Training is Dr. Dewayne Swift’s mobile teaching operation, designed to enlighten the believers’ understanding of the Word of God. He is a minister and author who trains ministers and lay workers on a broad range of topics, and he has written several books on subjects vital to the growth of the body of Christ.


Gatekeeper founder Dr. Tiffany Swift provides group and individual Christian counseling and biblical teaching sessions. She hosts annual retreats to help repair, restore, and rebuild integrity with the Body of Christ. 

Living Inside the Testimony

Living Inside the Testimony is a book series and blog by Betty Collier, a bestselling, award-winning author. Her series of inspirational books and blog posts are designed to share testimonies of faith and encouragement.

Simply Sondra

Simply Sondra is Sondra King’s blog that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Her motto is to live whole. eat well. feel amazing. She also blogs on subjects that inspire her and edify Christ. She strongly believes that our bodies are our temples and taking care of our bodies is a part of our duty even as serving Christ. We cannot fully serve him if we're unavailable naturally and cannot give Christ our all. The purpose of her blog is to bring awareness of how vital it is to take care of ourselves both naturally/spiritually! It grieves her to see Christians/non-Christians not taking advantage of living a healthy lifestyle. So many of us can extend our lives, reverse illnesses, diseases, etc. if we would just take better care of our health. Lastly, this has also inspired her second book, which the Lord has placed on her heart to write. It will be entitled "A Healthier You"... Mind, Body, & Spirit. 


Faith901.com is a Memphis-based blog by Brandi Hunter, a media specialist, which highlights events, organizations, and news relevant to the Greater Memphis faith community. She also highlights Memphians who are propelled by their faith to invest in, support, and love this city.


Love of the Truth International

We also work in close partnership from time to time with other ministries for kingdom building. This includes Love of the Truth International, founded by Minister Karl and Evangelist Teresa Ward. This multi-faceted ministry includes evangelism and community outreach. It is focused on the needs of the homeless, children, and practical skills building. They are committed to a single goal: to live, love, and serve like Christ.